OSHUN – Goddess of wealth and abundance

OSHUN –  Goddess of wealth and abundance
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   Fate is tied with the life of many we believe some are born under fatal star’s which destine their lives drastically.

     Jacob was born into a poor peasant family in Kenya, his parents struggled to make ends meet, their whole day was spent in working on the fields to make a living. ,Jacob being their only child was sent to school and educated .Brought up in an atmosphere of poverty and compromise he grew up to be lonely and selfish with a strong desire to become rich, tired of sacrifices, bought up in an environment of profit and loss and calculations he turned out to be a totally materialistic individual , temporary friends none trustworthy , a wife of his choice but not a marriage of his choice , children not planned, jobs never to his expectations because of his low qualifications ,which didn’t get him a job  he desired nor a pay package which pleased him. 

A constant struggle surged in his heart and mind of how to face his situations ,gradual deviation into wrong means of earning gambling, poker  and  horseraces he gradually kept falling deep into the dungeons of failure and debts, his wife never understood his ambition of becoming rich overnight ,there were often quarrels over his castles built in air and the need for him to put his feet on the ground of reality.

One evening he returned home after a bad day at a game of poker to find his wife sobbing over a pan of broth, he looked at her with a frustrated look 

” What’s wrong now?”

She wiped her tears switched off the stove and barged into the bedroom, Jacob went in ” Come on how will I know if you don’t tell me you stupid woman?”

She turned with a furious look in her eyes screamed at him ” yes stupid woman! That’s what I am that’s why I married you, stupid woman! That’s why I’m still living with a loser like you!” An enraged Jacob slapped her.

The sleeping kids ran out in fear.

A frustrated Jacob didn’t stay back to hear her moaning away” you’re a loser and a miserable failure, go, go stick your face in some dirty beer.”

Jacob sat on the bench opposite the town’s center fountain he admired the water shooting up he wished that even his career should shoot up like that water he shed tears “My Dad never gave me what I wanted , I can’t give my family what they want am I a loser ?”he looked at the sky and said ” O God of wealth can’t you see me ,if you can hear this You suck, I don’t believe in you ,why are you so in just make the rich richer and losers like me why, why, why!” .

He suddenly heard some jingles it was coming from a nearby carnival, he searched his pockets , he found a coin , he thought that going to the carnival may lighten his spirts, he wandered around the carnival suddenly in the corner he noticed a tent, A fortune teller ,he wanted to know about his fortune if there was any, he smiled and walked in, he saw a woman seated at a round table she wore glossy bright clothes, her hand stacked with metal bangles, she wore many beads around her neck 

Jacob sat before her ” ok misses tell me my fortune.” She closed her eyes and meditating said in a low voice ” speak my son speak your heart out” a bitter Jacob sobbed ” I’ve had it with my life I’ve struggled from childhood till now , I’ve seen nothing but poverty ,sorrow , disappointment and failure no one needs me my work is not to my satisfaction . My family is not happy with me and I’m of no use to my parents, which rotten star was I born under nothing really works out for me why is God so much against me!”

The fortune teller opened her eyes she placed an idol of an Egyptian Pharoah in front of him son this idol is considered to be jinxed anyone who keeps this in their house faces misfortune but let me tell you a secret this is a model of one of the richest Egyptian Pharoah s after he died he was buried with all his wealth his last desire was that all his wealth should go with him because he earned it himself and anything earned the hard way with sincere efforts will always be with us” 

Jacob wiped his tears ” I can’t pay you I’m sorry ” the lady said ” after a year you’ll come back to me then you can pay me with a happy smile”

Jacob walked back to the fountain looked at the fountain and thought hard earned money.

The next day he returned to the shop where he worked as a cashier, suddenly a customer walked in and rushed to a salesboy angrily the customer was complaining about a defective product A jean with faded patches near the ankles. Seeing the situation getting out of control Jacob went to the customer , “Sir , if you give me a minute I’ll replace  this piece he took the salesman into the storeroom asked him for a large scissors cut off the ankle part of the jeans pulled out the strings around to give it a fancy look.

 Then he took another pant like the customer wanted gave to the customer and put the remodeled pant next to it then he turned to the salesman and this new model jeans is ordered by Mr. Oliver his driver will be here pack it up before anyone sees it there are limited pieces and he has booked all of them very soon this is going to be the new trend and he wants to be the first to own it, and by the way replace this customer s jeans too”

The confused salesman looked at Jacob with a questioning look the customer turned towards Jacob and said, “Are you serious is this really the new fashion trend and has Mr. Oliver really visited your shop?” Jacob seriously looked into his eyes and said” check it out in the fashion magazine tomorrow ” the customer was convinced he beseeched Jaco b to sell him at least two pieces and promised not to reveal it to anyone.

The customer didn’t keep his promise and the next day customer s flocked the shop, Jacob realized the magic skill of being able to sell anything even sand in a desert he had the gift of the convincing others to buy anything. His manager mighty pleased by his marketing skills promoted him as sales manager many branches opened over the town and Jacob managed to buy some too.

Finally he tasted the Richness he wanted and it was hard earned .after two years he returned to the carnival to repay the fortune teller but couldn’t find her tent he asked a nearby balloon seller about her and he said” sir I’ve been in this carnival for four years never was there a fortune teller s tent I don’t understand where you saw her.” A confused Jacob stood in front of the fountain trying to recollect her name and suddenly in a flash it came to his mind OSHUN the goddess of wealth and abundance. He looked at the sky and smiled.

Jacob indeed paid her back with what she wanted his belief in her and his happiness.

OSHUN is the African Goddess of wealth and abundance.

Pray to her with your efforts and she will bless you with happiness.

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