The Yellow Vase

Yellow Vase
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she was a very vivacious young girl who lived in a solitary village near Bangalore highway

Diana aspired to be a successful teacher to Montessori kids. then was the hurdle to her ambition. It was a silence, a deep silence, her heart spoke a million words a second, but her lips were mute. yes, she was a physically challenged teen she couldn’t speak.

  Her depressed parents silently bore the pain of their only child and the silence spread through the whole family. Every day she walked her way to school for the deaf and dumb. a depressing environment where teachers worked monotonous to the given schedule.

One evening as she treads home, she saw a little girl selling vases she heard the little girl shouting out bright vases, yellow green, pink, what surprised Diana was the vases were red black and blue. She smiled and left the next day at the same time she saw the same girl shouting out the same colours, confused she took her mother to the little girl on questioning the little girl about colours she smiled and said” I’m blind miss I can’t see my master said these are colourful vases sell them the colours which pleased my eyes before I lost my sight were yellow, green and pink

   so I thought why not the things do the way I liked, to the customer who buys the vase can see it and take a colour he likes and i sell the colours i like.

This was an eye opener to Diana she realized that life was all about living it the way you wanted to, she finished school and requested her dad to open a play school for her. she started with two three-year old her cousins introduced new innovative and creative games and digital workshops whatever she did she made her heart take the decisions soon she started branches in different cities. a huge success she named her schools as the yellow vases, her favorite colour too.

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