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Undoubtedly, dissatisfaction with life has become quite common among people these days, especially the youth! The youth is never content with what they have been blessed with. They always seek more from life in every aspect. Name it greed, craving or discontentment, but the grass on the other side always seems greener!

Now the question arises, whether are people really unhappy with what they possess and get adversely affected by displeasure? This issue is considered to be one of the most controversial issues today, with varied opinions in this regard. After carrying out a research, we have highlighted some conclusions made by analyzing both perspectives.

Some people believe that the pros considerably outweigh the cons of a situation. The main reason for believing this is the desire to grow and develop in various realms of life and career, as such achievements boost the levels of satisfaction and contentment. One good illustration of this is, a person who does whatever he loves or believes in, with interest and in a professional manner, remains genuinely satisfied in life. Moreover, it can also be said that satisfaction lies in healthy interpersonal relationships, accomplishment of goals, maintaining of personal ideals, and self-perceived ability to cope with daily life scenario. Indeed the only way to be truly happy is to do what pleases you!

Although an opposite perception can be considered too. It is often argued that comparing oneself with others makes them increasingly dissatisfied and influence their behavior. This comparison can either be positive and motivating or destructive too. For example, a colleague, who always compares himself with the line manager in terms of social status and got struck by inferiority complex. He feels discontented despite his well-being and having enough wealth!

However, growth the sole way to attainment of inner peace and satisfaction evident in life.

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