Why You Should Use Jute Bags instead of Plastic Bags

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One can find plastic bags and other products made of plastic all around us today.

These plastic bags produce the highest amount of pollution in the world. They create danger for the species living in the water in seas, rivers, and other water bodies.

Eco-friendly jute bags have brought great relief to that threat of plastic into our lives.

Here we are going to discuss the origin of plastic bags, how jute is superior to plastic and what the advantages of using jute bags are.

The history behind plastic bags

Products made of jute or clothes are a bit costly as they are natural products. Plastic is a cheap item based on polymers. They are easily available too.

Thus, plastic bags came into the picture. Plastic is used widely for fulfilling our day to day general needs like carrying vegetables, buying clothes from malls, carrying essential food items, and many more.

Plastic vs jute

  • Jute is a vegetable plant that has a very strong fiber. They are biodegradable. Whereas, plastic is produced using a huge amount of petroleum and natural gas. Plastic products are non-biodegradable. Hence, they do not break easily.
  • Jute products are soft. They have a smooth and glossy texture for a long period of time. The gloss of plastic gets fade away fast. They do not look as great as jute items.
  •  Jute remains fresh as they are airy. Plastic is a non-airy material. There comes a stingy smell after using a plastic for a long time.
  • According to the reports of the United States Environment Protection Agency, 30 grams of CO2 is emitted while preparing polyethylene or PET. Jute being a natural substance does not create any such natural hazards.
  • Plastic if gets stuck in the soil it damages the fertility of it. On the other hand, jute cultivation helps increase the fertility level of soil by crop rotation techniques.

Benefits of using jute bags

  • Jute bags are long-lasting. You can use them as many times as you want.
  • They do not have any threats to living beings or the surrounding environment. Jute gets decomposed easily.
  • If you carry products in a jute bag it won’t pose any threat to your hygiene.
  • Jute can complement your look as they can be very stylish. You can get cool graphics printed on jute bags.
  • Jute is cultivated in every 6 months in Bangladesh and India. So jute bags are easily available at affordable prices.
  • Jute bags are trendy.

Single use plastics must be banned from all over the world as soon as possible. It is our responsibility to save Mother Nature and make it free from any kind of pollution which can harm it.

Jute bags are the best alternative of plastic bags. One should readily go with jute bags.

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