3020- The Evacuation

Teddy Bear @pexels
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“Why are we leaving Earth, Daddy?” asked a curious little Diana as she stepped into their autonomous car.

“Hop in darling, I’ll tell you on the way to the Rocket Launch Centre.”

Diana sat in front with her Daddy.

“Hey Siri! Take us to the Rocket Launch Centre.”

“Yes, Sir”, replied the A.I. assistant.

The super advanced car lit up with L.E.D. lights, auto ignitioned itself and headed straight to the launch centre.

Diana and her Daddy had luckily got their bookings done for the last rocket to the Musk International Space Station near Mars, the largest of its kind ever built.

“Darling, humanity is witnessing the greatest devastation ever. It all began during the World War V; Men in power had the strongest weapons ever. Supersonic rockets and hydrogen bombs were dropped on every single corner of the world. Cities, forests, buildings and houses were shred to their last particle. It was the shortest World War ever, lasting just a day. But the destruction was traumatic. Millions were killed, billions lost their homes. Nature suffered the most. A few centuries ago, Earth had a large cover of trees stretched across thousands of miles which dropped down to almost negligible. We lost eight hundred species of animals, birds and insects. The situation is so grave that the ‘Cow’ now tops the list of endangered species. Carbon emission reached its highest peak ever. Because of the War, the Ozone Hole now covers an area equal to that of entire America. People were dying. There was no water, no food available for months. When the conditions improved, Man knew he had to act quickly to save its kind from extinction.”

“What happened then, Daddy?”

“The scientists and engineers at Space Z association built the Musk International Space Station to host our species and a hundred more till we discover a new home.”

“Now, I understand.”

“Sir, we have arrived our destination”, spoke the A.I. assistant.

Little Diana was about step outside when her Daddy stopped her.

“Diana, don’t forget to wear your oxygen mask.”

Even the few remaining trees of the world are being relocated to the space station. There is just no oxygen left to breathe.


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