Competition Between Frogs

Frog @pexels
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Once, a bunch of little frogs are gathered to compete to stay on top
of the tallest tower in the city.

When the date for the competition was announced, the news spread
everywhere and a large number of people gathered around the tower to
watch this exciting competition and cheers on the contestants.

The crowd didn’t really believe that any of these frogs would be able to reach the top of that tower. But they were very eager for this competition.

The frogs quickly reached their place and the competition began …

Moments later, someone in the crowd shouted, “They’re unlikely to
succeed! The tower is too high!”

Another viewer said, “Yeah, they’ll never get to the top of it. It’s
very hard to get there!”

As the contest continued, some small frogs were released.
One by one tired… but the race continued… those who still had the courage left, they kept climbing with enthusiasm.

The crowd kept screaming in excitement, “It’s so hard. No one can climb it!”

Some little frogs got tired and left the race. They all kept running one by one, until there was only one little frog left and it kept moving back and forth in its own tune. Kept climbing up.

This is the only little frog that reached the top after a lot of effort! This little frog was the winner!

Naturally, everyone wanted to know how this little frog could win it
when other competitors left the competition. Everyone wanted to know
how this little frog got the power to reach this goal that everyone thought was impossible. So they asked questions. Eventually everyone found out that this little winning frog was deaf.

What do you learn from this story? Friends…

Be deaf when people tell you that you can’t fulfill your dreams and goals.
When we talk about our dreams and goals we never pay attention to what
other people’s opinions are.

Focus on your goal and believe in your work. Don’t focus on the
negative people who are not with you, the people who are not helping
you reach your goal.

Even great people who have such negative thoughts are not always asked for their dreams, but the same people are successful today.

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