Fight Your Depression, You are your Own Boss

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Quarantine Days!!

Ahhh !! when will it get over?? When will I begin my life again??

Most of us are sailing in the same boat now.

These days have taught us so many things; relationship values, importance of our home, knowledge about emergency needs, need of a good neighbour, good friend, our own identity etc.,

We are spending each day with the thought that we will be back

to normal soon. Things will be okay.  A forceful prediction!!

This prediction will surely be real one day. But we never know when.

When we have a backup for life its fine; if we don’t, we need to seriously think about it.  But most of us instead of thinking and planning for tomorrow, take stress, go to depression.

Stress attacks in many ways. It need not be always monetary related; it can be something else too.

Few reasons are known, few are unknown.

Adding to this, my heart skips a beat when I talk or think about this recent news of a leading Bollywood actor who committed suicide.

True!! Someone’s name and fame has nothing to do with the worries and stresses they undergo.

Women @ Window
Women @ Window

This article’s motive is to bring some positive breeze among you at this time of Pandemic.

First of all, lets know the reasons for Stress and Depression in our Life. There are plenty!!

 Only few important ones are discussed in this article.

§   Sudden Entry of a Mass Villain

Corona/China Virus
Corona/China Virus

We never expected this unpleasant season of Virus.  Humankind is shocked with this mass entry of a villain virus called Corona. But as per many holy books in the country whatever has to happen will happen”.

Days passed; months passed but we are not sure when this villain of mankind is going to leave us.

This situation is not same to all. Few take this opportunity to be with the family and loved ones.  Few enjoy their stay at home just like that.  These “few” are the ones who have no worries of tomorrow as they have enough sources of income as well as happiness.

But the rest who are not sure of tomorrow or with the mental pressures due to any reason are the sufferers.

Those who undergo a mental pressure, might have enough money; but that’s of no help when they serving the stress. No “Money” can save human’s with mental stress and depression. Only their “Will Power” can help them

  §   Sudden Loss of a Job/Income

Make Things Happen
Make Things Happen

This pandemic has given a terror gift to people in the name of recession or unemployment. Not only a lower class but also a middle and upper middle class are the victims of this situation. Sudden slow down or complete shutdown of the way of income affects everyone.

EMI’s, Loans, Credit Card Bills – and a sudden stop of income! We know how it feels.

§   Home Prison


“Holiday, staying at home?? Wow!!  No not anymore”

There were days people used to jump out of happiness when they hear the word holiday.  They just wanted the relaxed fun time with their family and friends. Now even kids don’t want it. Continuously staying at home makes anyone dull and stressful. Though, few of us have our office work at home, its not the same to the office atmosphere where we work chit chatting with colleagues and work with fun.

§   Bitterness with Relationships


Any relationship if not given enough space, will definitely lead to bitter emotions.

              Being with one another is a pleasure, but when its too much, obviously misunderstandings enter in life. Earlier it was kind of an adjustment; in most cases, as people had less time to be together. Now things have changed. Forcefully we have to stay at home, see each other’s face most of the time, that results in a fight or bitter experience.

         §   Negative Habits

Negative Habits

This stressful leisure time gives some weird idea of becoming slaves of bad habits for few. Some of them are drinking liquor, smoking, drugs intake, etc. This can be very dangerous. Savings will vanish in few days; loans will enter our life like uninvited guests. These tempting but poisonous habits will seize our health soon.

We should never forget to mention about our all-time caretakers: “Woman at home, Doctors and other saviours at this time of Pandemic” who undergo too much of stress and never show it out.

Since we know the reasons and causes of the most stresses, we can definitely find the solutions for the same.

“Nothing is Impossible,

If you have the Will Power”

How Can we Overcome Stress and Depression that Haunts Us?

§   Acceptance

By acceptance I mean that we should have the level of maturity to accept whatever comes our way. Life is not easy. We will have to face so many uncertainties, failures, tragedies, etc.

But life doesn’t stop there. Whatever happens we have to move on.

Ex: when a player gets into the ground, he is supposed to play until the end of the game or until he loses to another player. If he quits in between for silly reasons he will surely not be called a player or should face the future consequences.

Likewise, in life too, we should not quit in between. We never know what it brings tomorrow. Acceptance of what we have today and facing the challenges for better tomorrow is the best way to deal with the stressful life.

§   Dealing with Unemployment

Recession has hit very hard, this time. The percentage of unemployment in the world scares us and is the main reason of stress among many.

Taking stress won’t help, we know that.  Dealing with it in a smarter way should be the solution.

“There’s nothing which can’t be solved”

            As per Alexander Graham Bell “When one door closes, another opens”.

But, most of us fail to notice the opportunity that’s right next to us. If you think, you get ideas. Your ideas when implemented in a right way gives a new way out towards success. So, don’t lose hope.

§   Overcoming Idleness

When we have no choice but to stay at home, we should prepare our self to adapt to this kind of lifestyle, just keeping in mind “this too shall pass”.

When a kid sits in a school for 8 hours, though he doesn’t like few subjects, when we spare our three hours of time watching a movie we don’t like, when we are on a unpleasant trip, the word “adjustment” comes in mind. The same word should come handy in this situation too.  Here, we are not adjusting with others. We are adjusting our own self to this temporary situation. Like a boring movie unpleasantry trip this situation of idleness, that brings you stress, is also temporary.

                                         There are many ways to overcome it:

  •   Engage Yourself in any activity that’s gives you bliss. Ex: Gardening, Painting, Music, Sports, etc.,
  •     Learn something useful for the future. Ex: Language, Course on any stream, anything related to your future or present job.

§   Right food intake, Yoga & Meditation:


 Whole world has understood the importance of “Yoga & Meditation” especially in this time of Pandemic.  It reduces the stress level & helps to vanish the depression. practicing it for just 10 minutes a day itself is a blessing. Those who are into it, will know it.

Along with the Yoga & Meditation, right intake of food also matters a lot in balancing a life. What goes in becomes a reflection of our thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions. Our actions in a society plays a major role in determining our attitude and behaviour. Society judges us on our behaviour and attitude.

So, having a good mannerism keeps us away from stress, in turn gives us a good life. Credit goes completely to Yoga, Meditation & our Lifestyle.

 §   Prayer


Finally, the most important one which helped me come out of stress is “Prayer”.

If you are a Believer of God: you can chant any mantras, or be in silence and pray to the almighty. This gives you double benefits (MT)s; first one is a “Me Time” which most of us crave for, the other one is “Meditation Time”.  You don’t have to spend separate time for yourself & meditation. Both are done during a prayer itself.

If you are a Non-Believer of a God: Nature cures everything. Nature is the best medicine we have. Enjoy nature. Take a deep breath, go for a walk, watch greeneries.

There is no healer like a Nature.

Its not tough!!

Let’s Live the life which has been gifted to us. Let’s beat this stress and depression “You are your own boss”

“No matter what we are walking this life and reaching the goal, again we walk until its time to final rest”

We are the examples for the newer generations.

Let’s be Responsible. Let’s not Give Up.

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