Is Abortion Right Or Wrong

Indian woman @pexels
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ABORTION – The mere eight-letter word,

Hangs like a sword,

To abort or not,

Is a battle that has to be fought.

Some say you can’t kill a life,

But what about a mom’s safety?

She is an individual first,

And, then someone’s to-be mom or wife.

She doesn’t willingly wish to abort,

A child who is unborn!

but she is compelled to do so,

else, she may invite health risks – unknown.

Abortion isn’t a crime,

Or anything relating to God!

A mom’s safety comes first,

And, then comes any questions relating to umbilical-cord!

Any unwanted pregnancy,

Or the one that endangers her life,

She is fully free to deny,

Her so-called motherly duty,

And, a societal duty of a subdued wife!

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