Self Learning Vs Online Classes

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Attending online classes or reading on our own. Which one is better??

Since lockdown, one thing that has been bothering everyone other than medicine for virus is classes of students. Schools have gone for online classes. Now, a thought has generated in some students. 

Now that teaching is online, why are we forced to attend as if we are going to school?? We can read our text books and learn. 

It can be explained in a simpler manner. 

We all know that what we learn while watching something is more remembered than what is just read. That’s why we remember movies more than content in our text books. 

So, when a teacher is explaining you something, some expression or some example given by teacher, content gets registered along with that expression or example. When you read the context again, the same expression or example comes to your brain and understanding is made simpler. 

Whether online or offline, study that comes from a teacher is way better than reading on our own. Otherwise, it will be termed as reading a novel not a text book.

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