Kids, How to Study?

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Ria and arjun, siblings, are studying 7th class.  Results declared and both of them brought progress card. Father, narayana rao, shocks on seeing the results. Arjun got 90% and Ria only 48%. When father asks about the reason the reply shocked him more. 

Ria: dad, tell me one thing. To what class is arjun going next year??

Dad: 8th class. 

Ria: with 48%, I am also going to 8th class. I enjoyed and studied; he kept on studying the whole day for the whole year. No enjoyment, nothing. 

Dad became speechless. He thought for some time and decided to explain things to Ria practically. 

Next day morning, he called up ria and took her to science exhibition. After seeing many objects and talking to students who made it, both of them returned home. 

While having dinner, father asks ria, which product did you like the most?? 

She says about the discovery of cleaning drinking water.

Father: when I spoke to person who designed it, he said that the concept is in 7th class. Is there anything in your science about cleaning of water??

Arjun: Yes, father. We have a lesson on water and its types. The type of water and how to make it drinkable. 

Father (gives a glance to ria): oh.. he might be talking about that. 

After dinner before going to bed, father speaks to ria. 

Father: when we were talking about water cleaning, your most liked one in the exhibition, did you notice your brother had an idea when I asked details?? 

Ria (with a careless expression): yeah. 

Father (brings her closer and makes her sit beside him): yesterday, you asked me a question that with 48%, I am also getting promoted and with 98%, he is also getting promoted to the same class. There is no need to study through out the year. 

Studying is not for getting promoted to higher classes. It’s the way you define yourself. See for this water case, the person who made this has also studied 7th class; had he studied like the way you did, he would not have made the project in the first place. 

Point is when you study by loving it, it will come to use in such a manner, you can not even imagine. It will be your savior. I am not talking about percentages; am talking about how you study.

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