Let’s give Brightness a try – a story about Transformation

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he snow falls heavily on the roads. Is thereby, why she shivers? Her mind drove to unimaginable places, to mystic worlds, and to unknown lands. She could have easily stayed there. Made it her happy place. Been joy and merry. And looked after herself. That would have been the happiest achievement. But alas, it was just a dream space, her lost imagination that had returned. Her wild mind took her on a stroll everyday and she could do nothing. Ashamed and helpless she laid to null. Not the null where the 9 3/4 platform train arrives, not the null where the sun melts into the sky, but some wicked memory.

Life mocked her. She found that dreaming, in a world like her’s was as good as searching for the almighty. A thing which couldn’t be fulfilled. But she being very determined still dreamt of the snowy roads. Only she had gathered the guts to look out for what was not achievable. She was said there exists no fairyland. How gracefully she would have shown off that fairyland is no castle, no prince charming, no horses, no soap drama. Her’s is a land where the sun met the sky, the earth laid into two, the flowers were in full blossom, and the birds chirped songs of love. Her la la land was so different. She wanted people to see it. The girl in her saw the fairy land like no one else. It saw air, it saw rain, it saw the sun,the moon, it saw the snow and the mountains. The mountains she could never climb. Was it because her legs trembled of the huge sacks of responsibilities she held or was it because she could go insane if she let her imaginations run wild. She dreamt different. She was different. Even being torn apart it shook her limbs, it drowsed her off to a place she was mocked never existed. Was she the only one to see it? Was there no one else who could think of the world like she did? She waited hours at the sea shore seeing the sun meeting the sea. Walking on the roads just cleared from snow. How even when she was a disgrace the roads made her feel special. Roads leading to nowhere. Roads leading her to her. What was she? Who was she?

Waiting to discover a person she lost a long way back. Yes, once upon a time she was as cheerful of a girl as anyone else. Not a single drop of tear touched her peached face. The bravest of all. The purest of souls. She was a charmer. What in the world could have gone wrong to bring this misery to her. Her story was like no one else’s. She saw through people easily now and hatred filled her heart day by day. Can a trauma be of this magnitude to turn a living into the senile? Whatever the reason maybe she was now a changed person. Lost in her own world of imagination, sorrow, and misery. But she never would let the world know about what happened to her. She is happy or so she says in her stay. Climbing mountains, being the best one to. Wondering about every impossible or possible little phenomena. Rain, she sometimes wondered how the first shower felt. Will it turn her? Will it make her neat? Will it set her free? She imagined every pinch of air touching her face, how she was perfectly imperfect, how it was to actually live in a moment, feel the 60 seconds every time your heart thumping 72 beats per second. That was her la la land. Her fairytale. She remembered the last words of the one, her fondest memory. “Stars are just as far away till you reach them”. This is what makes her get up every morning and follow a routine she never wanted to, draw an art she never thought could be made and practice and preach what is beyond a normal person’s capabilities. It’s not that she doesn’t give up, but like I said she doesn’t want to die before she is dead.

The darkness of this world can never take away her bright shining dreams. She has to abide by her fondest memories. Her strongest inspirations. She has known that sun only shines when the moon departs. Brightness will only come to her, to us when we fight this darkness out. World will be only as good as long as you live to see it blossom. Flowers will only be beautiful as long as they have not whithered away. Till then just don’t be dead.Die the day you die.Else let’s give brightness a try.

Epilogue: He was breathing heavily, his heart felt like it would choke any second to death. Can he live any longer. His body started to turn cold as ice. He wanted to bid his last goodbye. She was right beside him, holding his hand. Her eyes filled with tears. Her body senile. She couldn’t imagine a world without him. She was broken to pieces. She kept saying him to stay. But deep inside she knew a pain so deep like never before was going to break her. She felt a lump in her throat. A sister’s soul cried for her brother. Her hands trembling as she grasped his hand in hers, he said his last words “Stars are just as far away until you reach them”.

The words echoed in her ears even long after his life had ended. She couldn’t let go of that hand, nor those words. How can she ever recover from this loss?

Can she ever be normal again? Can she forget the misery life gave her? Can she ever smile again? She left the mountains hours after his body was taken away. She lost her soul on the mountains that day. Her world shattered. Everything that was near and dear to her was lost. She cried in pain and sorrow filled up her heart, mind and soul. She transformed into something she would have never imagined.

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