Heartbroken Love – A Realistic Poem

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I knew love was impossible,

I knew how it makes one feeble.

I knew it’s not always reciprocated,

In short, love is always complicated.

Image Source: Pixabay

You found someone perfect,

to be your future soul mate.

Yet, you are afraid of revealing…

Your true feeling,

U know love-journey could be heart-chilling!

Lots & lots of dreams,

Of colourful butterflies & wind chimes,

& several other untold promises,

Can u help me, Lord Jesus?

I loved with whatever I could,

I deserve love & she should…

But by taking me for granted,

A broken heart — she dismantled.

Love is always painful and unexplainable,

So, never love someone so deep,

Unrequited love becomes a part of your unwritten fable!

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