KRISHNA, Master of Tact

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Once upon a time there was a empire named Kosala which has 100 kingdoms under it. Kosala is blessed with fertile soils all over the kingdom, surrounded by 4 rivers, great animal husbandry and wonderful warfare. Karthik, emperor of kosala, wanted all the kingdoms to enter a peace treaty wherein if any king would be attacking another kingdom, he would follow certain rules so as to avoid maximum losses and at any cost no use of nuclear weapons such list of 15 rules. As a matter of fact, this treaty was being signed to save all the kingdoms from hogwara, another kingdom, reason being its excess of nuclear reserves.

Hogwara is a plateau region blessed with two different types of soil bifurcated naturally. One region soil is full of Uranium, Iridium and titanium reserves. Other region is very fertile soil where any plant can grow. The only shortage is of water. The only source of water is from the dam built to the north east direction of Hogwara on the banks of alakananda river which also supplies water to Mithila kingdom. Both these kingdoms have equal rights on the dam. Hogwara was not attacking Mithila only because of its strong allies with Kosala.  

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Hogwara declined to sign the treaty. Karthik thought of war and called for a meeting with its allies. Krishna, emperor of dwaraka, suggested a way out other than war. Give me 3 months and I would make hogwara come and sign the treaty. 

Krishna ordered people to build a giant wall at the border of mithila region at the bottom of gates. He planned the wall to be built with two holes with bigger and smaller diameters. 

Krishna and King of Mithila invited king of Hogwara for a meeting. They both persuaded king of Hogwara to sign the treaty and they offered him more amount of water if he signed the treaty now. The latter refused and before he proceeded to move, Krishna called him and took him to the wall he recently constructed. On the look of it, King of Hogwara understood the complete thing. He turned to Krishna with a vengeance look and stormed away. 

He then went to nuclear plant and ordered to prepare a missile which could destroy whole mithila in just seconds.  In the process of preparation, there arose need of coolant and there was no water. Scientists informed the same to King. 

While hogwara’s king was thinking about it, watch man came and informed about the arrival of Krishna. Krishna was allowed after some time. 

Post greetings, Krishna told king that to make use of nuclear reserves you have, you need water and for that you want dam gates to be opened. The dam gates would be opened but only on condition that the peace treaty would be signed by you. He reluctantly signed. 

Karthik, king of kosala, was very happy on learning about the new development. He asked Krishna how he managed king of hogwara to sign the treaty. Krishna was about to speak but king of mithila came and asked him the same thing. 

Krishna told them that at the bottom of gates, he built a wall with two holes. Water to the region in hogwara where there is fertile soil would be going through the bigger hole and to the nuclear reserves through the smaller hole. On seeing this, King of Hogwara understood the scene and thought of attacking mithila with a nuclear weapon but as it was scorching summer nuclear plants needed more amount of coolant than the required and when scientists informed him the same, he understood the complete game and signed the treaty. 

King of mithila was concerned that after releasing the water, if he fired the missile on the kingdom. Krishna assured him that king of hogwara would not dare to do such thing. Once he did that, he would not be given water even for living. So, for welfare of people, he would never do any attack on kingdoms nearby him. 

Everybody praised and thanked Krishna. 

Take away: Always think about the ways of solving the problem in positive mindset.

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