Money for Priest, Imam & Pastor is Justified?

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AP Government released 33.92 Crores for Temple Priests, Masjid Imams and Christian Pastors.

We all know there is no good with them and in some situations these people are causing more damage to the society.

Whose money is this? where is it coming from? Can any one questions this? Of course we do not have right when we cannot elect right people.

On top of it politicians know how to bribe at elections and free stuff when in power. These Paster and Imams are going to preach people to vote for corrupt again.

Some real Facts from Andhra Pradesh population, if there is free money then all will become Pastors

Hindu Population 88% – 31000 Priests

Muslims Population 10% – 7000 Imams

Christians Population 2% – 30000 Pastors

God Bless India and Andhra Pradesh People

Note: This views is not reflection of Chandamama and publishing as it is which received from frustrated reader.

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