Perfect Decision Makers

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Sarayu enters home crippling. Her father walks in to hall from the terrace, looks at the girl, shocks and helps her rest in couch. 

Dad: Dear, what happened?? Why are you crippling and why are your clothes dirty??

Sarayu:I slipped and fell down on a stone by the lake side. 

Dad does first aid and takes her to her room and puts her to sleep. 

Next day morning in the lawn, mom and dad are having coffee and sarayu comes. 

Mom: Sarayu, what happened yesterday??

Sarayu: yesterday, when I was walking by the lakeside, Vayu came to me and proposed.  

Dad: Vayu?? CEO of company Drones??

Sarayu: yes.

I was very frustrated and told him I was not interested and started walking away and in the process of escaping from him, I slipped and fell over a stone and got hurt. 

Mom and dad exchanged glances and asked her why she rejected him.

Sarayu(took deep breath): To my knowledge, the best couple I have ever seen is you both. Be it the understanding level, the way you love each other, patch up after fights and standing together in all forms of life.

 I still remember, 10 years ago when our company did not do well, you people were so supportive of each other, fought the situation, sold mom’s jewelry and cleared the loans. Now, we are No. 1 in sugar production. 

What all I understand about marriage is perfect synchronization between two people.

You both know my mentality better than me and a combined choice of three of us is perfect for my marriage. 

So, final decision will be made by you both regarding the person I am going to marry.

She smiles and leaves and parents looked at each other and tears of joy rolled down their eyes. 

Take Away: Certain decisions in life require experience; not intellect. Marriage is quite a certain decision.

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