Empty House

Indian House @pexels
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10th Board exams then comes the 12th Board exam…When are these tensions ever going to be done with?? After these nerve-wrecking Board exams are over and they start college it is going to be peaceful for both children and parents….so they presume!!

The awaited….Board exams over, results out, college admissions done and the most un-awaited truth hits you hard. It’s going to be a no more waiting in the balcony to ensure your child has boarded the bus; no more screaming out “run you will miss your bus”; no more washing of uniforms; no more packing interesting Tiffin boxes; no more running around to pick up stuff for the Project submissions; no more driving them to tuitions.

The moment of pride of getting them into the best of colleges and laying the foundation for their careers turns into lonely days in an empty home – A Home probably which once needed a sound proof wall to keep away from the neighbors, the screeching and screaming on clashing thoughts & ideologies; the loud laughter while watching the comedy shows together or playing a game of poker or family Ludo; the howling when friends stay over. A Home which had an over-whelming display of clothes at all times is now a non-gratifying tidiness. A Home which had rooms with books and make up strewn all over that probably you need to dig under your bed to search for your lipstick has become an endearing thought. A Home where the kitchen sink was filled with the unwashed dishes unaccounted for has become a sight unseen. A Home where the bathrooms were accustomed to the long and loud musical showers hazing the mirrors up with continuous flow of hot water has become silently cornered.

An Empty Home that now lights up with gaiety and merry making only periodically like those yearly festivals. Through the eyes of those parents the Empty Home has become an Empty House.

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