Doctor or Teacher – Unanswerable & Unresolvable

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Right from my childhood, I had unanswered questions.  Hoping that I would myself search answers or life would someday answer my questions, I walked through the journey of life. To a certain extent the quest did end.

Today again, I stand at such a threshold where there are questions; I pose not to myself but to society, only to get ambiguous answers. 

It’s very certain that the dilemma will never be resolved. Now, what’s the dilemma???

“Why does nobility suffer?”(pls note not just noble people)

The two noblest of professions is being a doctor or a teacher. Both deal with human beings directly.

Surgeons performing surgery
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But today the two worst affected professions are also the same two.
A doctor can’t feel the pulse or temperature of his patient and a teacher can’t pat the back of a student.

Wearing a mask, gloves and other things  to protect himself has somewhere made him feel the loss of human touch, which is instrumental in a patient’s speedy recovery.Words of empathy and courage to instill confidence may appear thoughts of bygone days, right now.

 A teacher is synonymous of chalk and dusterand that’s replaced by a laptop or a mobile which she had forbidden in class, but without those she can’t engage a class today.The pleasure of interacting with  all her live dolls together may not be an immediate possibility.

Does this mean these two professions will gradually fade away. Certainly not. It’s the toughest of winds that teach the best of  lessons. 

It’s just a matter of time. Years later when we sit to think how this phase of life passed, we again arrive at Unanswered questions.

Perhaps this chain of ambiguity will never get resolved. Yet life has to go on.
Finding answers to a few and enjoying the unanswered questions. 

So I  stand to conclude not to resolve the unresolvable, because at times questions are more appealing  and satisfying than the answers.

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