Some amazing facts about the human brain

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If the brain of a person starts functioning like a digital video recorder, more videos could be kept than that on YouTube, and it would take almost hundred years to upload.

  • When a person gets intoxicated, they really don’t forget what happened. As a matter of fact, the brain becomes puzzled and temporarily lacks the ability to remember new memories.
  • If brain cells are destroyed like that of skin or liver cells. Scientists believe that we would lose our memories every time and might be completely different from our former self.
  • The brain can process data as easily as 268 miles / hour. So data flows at varying rates through the brain, as neurons are built differently.
  • Every brain begins as a woman. About eight weeks after birth, the brain starts to be masculinised by the testosterone hormone.
  • Dreams are believed to be a blend of creativity, phycology, and neurology. This assures that even when you are sleeping your brain is working.
  • During pregnancy, a woman’s brain shrinks and takes up to six months to regain her height.
  • The human brain has about 100 billion neurons (the same number of cells as the stars in the Milky Way). There are about 1000 to 10,000 synapses of each neuron, equal to around one quadrillion synapses. If they were all lined up in the human brain, they would occupy 600 miles. In contrast, a pulp has three hundred thousand neurons and a honeybee has ninety thousand and angel-fish has no brain at all.
  • The human brain is most involved during the night while sleeping.
  • A human brain can provide enough energy (between 10 and 23 watts) to power a light bulb. i.e. The human brain uses the capacity of a light bulb of just 10 watts.
  • You can’t feel pain in the brain. Our brain interprets the pain signals but experiences no pain at all.
  • Egyptians typically extract the brains through the nose during the mummification process.

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