Living a Digitalised Quarantine

Courtesy staufer
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It’s eight in the morning and still I’m unable to make my senses believe the fact that a day has begun anew to lead. Hardly, I energize myself to hold the brush and wash my face. I bet my friends won’t consider bathing as a ‘tradition’ as I do in this quarantine. Then arrives a daily norm of scrolling through all the social pages which I’ve created not to feel alone – Facebook, Instagram, Whats app and Twitter. To get detached from them is a strenuous task but the job is well handled by my mother’s shriek. I know her well after all.

After having some breakfast, I leisurely pace to binge watching the series in Netflix. Before I realise that all the episodes are successfully completed, there comes a disaster. A disaster which impels me believe that a day has been successfully passed with dissatisfaction of not being productive.

I’m pretty much sure that most of us are in a same situation as mine. Reminding of my casual days, I now become utterly surprised how I was able to manage numerous tasks in a single day so meticulously. I remember those workaholic days when I was immersed in work joyously, chatting with friends while having a tea break and that sound slumber I used to have after a long tiresome day. I acknowledge that I complained for holidays back then but now, I do really crave for them. Hope that those routine days return to keep all of us back on the track again.

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