The Supreme Emissary

The Supreme Emissary
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The heat between the Pandavas and the Kauravas persisted. The elders like Bheeshma and Drona too couldn’t settle an agreement between the two parties. Even when the Pandavas had asked for just five villages, the Kauravas refused to even give them the tip of a needle. War seemed to be the only solution left. But the Pandavas were mentally not prepared for the war. The crisis of conscious to fight against their Uncles, Grandfathers and Cousins clouded their minds. They were certainly unsure about the war. The solution they sought at this juncture was none but the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna himself. He agreed to be the messenger to convince the Kauravas to handover whatever they had asked for. But Sri Krishna too wasn’t very favourable about their opinion of “no war”.

He visited Hastinapur to meet Duryodhana. The Kaurava prince welcomed him with great respect, but Krishna didn’t care for any of his gestures. He didn’t want to accept any of his gifts because he knew that he had come only as an emissary. Duryodhana refused bluntly to offer anything to his Pandava brothers and wished for the war to happen. In the mind of Duryodhana it was clear that his large army with the back-up of his uncles, grandfathers and teachers would be adequate to vanquish the Pandava brothers once and for all.

Krishna carried the message back to the Pandu putras. He stated as follows, “You have insisted on me to represent you as an emissary which I have accomplished. I bring to you the news from Duryodhana that he wishes to fight a war. He bluntly refused any compromise. I wish that you brothers too make all the preparations to wage a war”.

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SriKrishna saw a slight confusion on the face of the eldest Yudhishtira. He chuckled to himself and spoke again, “Since, I am the chosen emissary; I would also like to know your valid opinions about the war”. “Yudshtira, what do you feel about this?”

“Dear Krishna, is it Dharma/righteousness to fight against one’s own uncles, brothers and teachers just to acquire a piece of land. It hurts me immensely to face them all. In case I die in the war, I would have no regret in life. But if I kill any of my Kaurava brothers in the war, then I may suffer the conscious of it for the rest of my life. What use is it to fight for a kingdom? After all, will I even ascend to heaven after committing such a heinous act? I would rather choose to work and earn for the rest of my life rather than see my own kith and kin dying in the war”.

Krishna smiled rather sarcastically.
“Arjuna, the greatest warrior, tell me, what your opinion is!”

“I feel brother Yudhistira is right. It is not Dharma to kill one’s own relative. We will spend sleepless nights for the rest of our lives. I do not want to shed tears forever”.

Krishna walked towards Bheema and asked him, “What do you feel giant?”

“When my eldest brother has spoken, what else can I say, but to abide by his decision”.

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Krishna nodded his head in despair. He looked at the twins, Nakula and Sahadeva who just put their heads low not wanting to answer him.

Krishna looked around and called out to Draupadi.
“Dear Panchali, I don’t need anyone’s opinion but yours. Tell me, what should I do?”

“Krishna, give me an army of my own. I shall go back to my father Drupada’s palace and train my army however small it may be. But I shall not give up but wage a battle against the Kauravas, not for a piece of land to rule, but to avenge for the shame that I suffered in front of everyone. My morality was put to test in the great hall of the Kuru dynasty. With Dushasana un-wrapping my saree each time, I pleaded to all the elders to save me. Where did Dharma go then, my dear lord? Why didn’t my own husbands interfere and behead that monster in front of everyone? Where did the Dharma of protecting a woman’s chastity go? Where did the voices go when Duryodhana called me to sit on his lap? None are eligible to speak volumes of righteousness here, my lord. I want this war to take place. Not for the piece of land to become a queen, but for trying to disrobe a woman, for trying to call out another man’s wife; I wish to see them die”, thus she shuddered in anger.

Krishna blew his conch at once. “The great war of Kurukshetra will take place and that is Dharma”, he announced.

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