A Tragic Story Of Indifferent Love

A Tragic Story Of Indifferent Love
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Characters: Raman, Sulekha (Raman’s wife), Sumeet and Shipra (Sumeet’s wife)

One day at a coffee shop in Nagpur, two middle aged men, Sumeet and Raman, were discussing something serious. They were the best friends.

Sumeet asked Raman,

“How it all began?”

Taking a deep sigh, Raman said,

“I met Sulekha (a school teacher by profession), a few years back. Soon our friendship grew stronger and after three years, we got married.

Though, everything was going well in the beginning, but now it has become troublesome with frequent arguments over petty issues. I’m sick of it.

Contrarily, Sumeet was reluctant to disclose anything about his own marital life.

Sumeet and his wife Shipra had everything in life; Money, fame, status symbol and high class colleagues, but the couple didn’t know what love meant in reality.

Both husband and wife were working at top positions in big MNCs (Multi National Companies) in Nagpur and Hyderabad respectively.

The duo usually had to stay separate from each other due to work demand ever since they got married. Initially, both Shipra and Sumeet worked at Nagpur but suddenly Shipra got a better opportunity in Hyderabad and she went there.

Sumeet often requested Shipra to get transferred to Nagpur so that the couple could live together at a same house, but Shipra became self-centered with each passing day.

She refused to go to Nagpur on holidays or during her leaves.

Sumeet knew that essence of marriage was missing in their marital life, but he preferred not to reveal the same to anyone – not even to his best friend, Raman.

One day, Raman said that he will divorce Sulekha. But Sumeet knew that both Raman and Sulekha immensely loved each other.

“Hey, Raman let’s gauge how much our wives love us in reality”, said Sumeet. He then whispered something to Raman’s ear and both agreed to play a prank.

Following evening, Sumeet telephoned Sulekha and informed her that Raman was leaving India. Sumeet’s mobile was on loudspeaker so that Raman could hear whatever Sulekha spoke.

“Sulekha, this is Sumeet, Raman’s best friend. Raman just told me that he is leaving India forever. He said you don’t love him and always quarrel with him”, said Sumeet with a mischievous smile on his face.

“We may fight each other every day, but how could Raman leave India without me? I’m incomplete without him. We hugely love each other and are partners for life”, said Sulekha in a crumbled voice.

It seems as if Sulekha would break down now, then suddenly Raman took the telephone and told Sulekha that it was just a prank intended to know whether she loved him or not.

Soon, Sulekha also rushed to the coffee shop to join Raman and Sumeet and it was a fun episode after that.

“Don’t ever dare to go anywhere without me. We are made for each other”, Sulekha romantically said to Raman while hugging him tightly.

Did Shipra Love Her Hubby Sumeet?

Now it was Sumeet’s turn to gauge how much his wife loved him. Raman took his mobile and rang up Shipra in Hyderabad, “Who is this? Shipra asked.

“It’s me Raman, Sumeet’s friend. We just came out of hospital and doctor confirmed that Sumeet is diagnosed with blood cancer”, exclaimed Raman totally clueless that why Sumeet planned this unusual way to measure his wife’s affection towards him.

Sumeet had asked Raman to keep the mobile on loudspeaker to hear Shipra’s words as exactly as what she said.

Sumeet and Sulekha were standing beside Raman and overheard the whole telephonic conversation. But Shipra shocked everyone when she said,

“Its okay. Admit him to the nearby hospital. I will come to Hyderabad next month and then I will meet him!”

Ok, I have an important official meeting now, so I’m disconnecting the phone. I will talk to Sumeet later”.

Can Sumeet Bear the Pains of Indifferent Love?

There was a pin drop silence at the coffee shop. Sumeet, Sulekha and Raman gazed at each other in deep thoughts. Suddenly, Sulekha asked Raman that why did he say such a grievous thing to Shipra?

Then pointing finger towards Sumeet, Raman disclosed that it was Sumeet’s idea to do so.

Soon, Sumeet, with teary eyes took a page out of his pocket and handed it to Raman. It was Sumeet’s 2-day old Biopsy report that revealed he was truly suffering from the last stage of Blood cancer!

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