Boycott China products, is right time?

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China is being held responsible for unleashing the deadly coronavirus pandemic. United States of America is contemplating sanctions on China for not reporting the pandemic on time and hiding the severity of the situation.             

Thousands of people have died across the world, and millions have been infected with the virus. The whole world has come to a standstill as the lockdown has confined people to the four walls of their houses. Besides, the daily wagers are struggling to survive in such conditions. The economy has taken a big hit across the world.

So, is it time to boycott China and its products from now on?

China has invaded markets across the world with their cheap products. They have cracked a formula to produce in large numbers and keep the cost down. Hence, markets across the world have lapped it up with both hands. However, their products, although cheap, are not of high standards, and allegedly break down. But their products are still in demand because it’s too cheap.

Even the testing kits that the world used during the coronavirus pandemic were from China and there were reports of faulty products being allegedly delivered to them. India have had cancelled orders for million testing kits from China for the same reason.

In such situations, when the whole world is suffering due to the pandemic and the faulty, but cheap Chinese testing kits, it’s time to boycott them altogether. If it does happen, China would see their economy nosedives further to an irreplaceable damage.

Can India survive without Chinese products?

For India, this pandemic would just be the right excuse to ban China and their products altogether. India and China have been at loggerheads for long over the feud surrounding the border of India’s north-eastern state Sikkim.

For the records, India have imported Chinese goods totalling USD 60 billion in the last financial year.

Reports claim India cannot put a blanket ban on China due to World Trade Organization or WTO guidelines. But India can take inspiration from China’s own trade policy to ban them and its products from invading India markets. In the past, China had earlier banned South Korean cosmetics and Norwegian salmon fish import.

Can India take a cue from China itself and ban Chinese products from invading their markets?

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