Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, so it is necessary for the people to take their medicines on a timely basis. Busy life, coronavirus scare, and financial worries, have now brought us to a situation where it’s almost impossible to imagine a stress-fre lives without medicines.

If you ignore taking your medicines on time, then it may lead to diseases. However, we should all aim at keeping ourselves healthy and fit in such a difficult time – the ancient ayurvedic way.

1) Eat Properly: You should eat nutritious food every day, it’s a necessity. But you must not overeat. You should instead try out eating regular meals at least after frequent hour gaps. Also, you should avoid consuming products that are full of fat.

2) Diagnose Yourself: Every person should thoroughly check up themselves each year with necessary medical tests to stay safe as per their doctor’s recommendation. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and migraine – they usually remain inside our body without our knowledge. This is dangerous!

You must know about the elements and compounds that are missing in your body or those that are in excess in supply. According to Ayurveda, all substances inside our body should be in perfect balance. This way, we can stay healthy, fit and fine.

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3) Listen to Your Doctor’s Advice: You should always take doctor’s advice carefully. They have the full knowledge about the medicine that they suggest you. So, you should always listen to your doctor. Always take the prescribed medicine on time.

4) Exercise Regularly: irrespective of your age, you should regularly indulge in exercise and yoga for at least one hour every day. It keeps you fit and also helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism rate in your body.

5) Avoid Stress: This too shall pass. This is the golden rule, which means without taking too much stress we should take life easy the way it comes. Well, certain things are not in our hands – just like coronavirus… So, it’s better to stop thinking about these things. Just stay home and keep maintain social distancing.

Never try to substitute your normal diet with various medicines including like vitamin or other tablets. Make sure your daily intake of normal foods like bread, milk, yoghurt, rice and fresh green vegetables plus fruits is normal.

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