Love at First Sight: True or False?

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Many couples claim they fell in love at first sight. However, some couples would argue that they started as sworn enemies initially but later fell for each other. These couples dismiss the notion of love at fight sight as nothing but nonsense.

Indian Couple
Indian Couple –

So, is love at fight sight really true? Can someone really fall for the other at just first sight or meeting?

You can fall for someone at first instance, in the weirdest of situations, and even with a person totally opposite to you. When Cupid will strike, you’ll never know. It can be at first meeting or a farewell party. You may never fall in love with a person no matter how many times you meet or have met.

All the die-hard romantics would claim to have fallen in love at first sight with their partner. However, the longevity of their relationships cannot be guaranteed.

But some critics would dismiss love at first sight as nothing but lust. You would generally get attracted to the person on his or her physical appearances at first sight. The other person would not reciprocate your feelings, hitting your love at first sight funda for a six.

You, in fact, can claim to have fallen in love at first sight with more than one person. You are then nothing but a hopeless romantic and devoid of any logical reasoning. You are ruled by your heart but not by your head.

Love generally grows over time. When you spend quality time with a person, you gradually start liking that person that may eventually turn into love. Unless you know the person on a personal level and have spent some meaningful time with him or her, all claims of love at first sight is just your way to keep the romantics in you alive.

Cupid may strike at first sight, but love usually happens over time.

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