Joint Family, Hilarious Problems

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If you live in a joint family, then you would come across various awkward moments in daily life. Sometimes, the situation goes out of hand and becomes a pain in the neck. But sometimes, some hilarious situations crop up when you live in a joint family.

So, what are those humourous situations that you would encounter frequently when you live in a joint family?

Joint Family - Eating Together
Joint Family-

The toilet problem

When you live in a joint family, with your grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and of course your parents and siblings, there are a few daily problems such as the use of toilet to encounter with. The problem becomes extremely difficult when there is just one or two toilets for the whole joint family.

So, what does the family members do in such situations?

Depending on the nature of their work, they would either wake up too early or too late to use the toilet in peace. But the trick goes out of the window when a few other family members apply the same strategy as well, leading to chaos.

Menu trouble

It’s extremely difficult to fix the menu for any time of the day. The reason is that each family member would have his or her own likes and dislikes. If somebody loves brinjal, the other hates it. And so, the cook or the family member in charge of the cooking prepares two or more vegetable curries to satisfy all members. But even then somebody in the family would have problem with the food. It’s extremely difficult to satisfy all taste buds in a joint family.

Agree to disagree

Just like food, the joint family would struggle to fix a place for an outing or a movie to watch on the weekend. The family will simply agree to disagree. Some hearts would have to be then broken to reach a consensus.

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