Bhagavatham – Puthana, A Humanoid Robot

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Retelling of Puthana Samharam in Bhagavatham

In Mathura, there used to live a scientist named Kamsa. He used to work on various experiments throughout the day on how to live forever. He made a humanoid robot named Puthana. 

Kamsa: Puthana, did you refer to life cycle process??

Puthana: yes boss, I did. It showed blood of people having certain combinations of DNA when exposed to chemicals; the forever medicine can be made.  Only problem is this combination is seen only in kids.

Kamsa (rushed and took the book): Yes, yes, yes…. This is what I have been searching for. Thanks, Puthana. Now, run a program on how to find those special people. 

Puthana: if we can get finger prints of kids, we can obtain list easily, boss. I will go and get finger prints of the kids living in selected places. 

Puthana collected finger prints of many kids and started to examine. No body matched with the combination. She went to Dwaraka. She started the process from house of Yashoda and Nanda. 

When she entered the portico of yashoda’s home, she saw two kids playing and yashoda just went to kitchen and started cooking. When she turned her gaze to kids, one kid was walking to another room whereas the other one was still playing. 

She went to that kid and tried to befriend him by playing with him. The kid, Gopal, very naughty started playing with her by maintaining physical distance. In the process, Puthana’s battery got discharged and she was not able to respond quickly. 

Gopal observed this and went to Puthana when she almost fell down.   He saw she was wearing a necklace with a different dollar and pressed the dollar with his tiny hands. The moment he pressed the dollar, just like the CD drive opens in a laptop, a disk holder opened up and he saw a red colored disc. He thought it some sort of play thing, took it and started playing with it. 

When yashoda and Nanda returned, they saw a machine in the form of human being lying down and Gopal was playing beside that machine. Yashoda ran and took gopal away from there. Nanda and others disposed the waste. 

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