Harmful impact due to COVID- 19

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There is a bit of panic over the global pandemic. This is because of the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the world. And we can see that this small virus has taken everyone’s attention and with the increasing number of cases day by day and the deaths happening across the world has kept the world in shock. Everyone is worried about the things which is happening throughout the world. Due to the Upheaval in the world, there are many things which are creating a bad impact on the country and the people of the country are facing a lot of troubles these days.

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  • Poverty  is the most challenging thing which the lower class families are facing. The family members who were working whole day to feed their families are now out of job. They don’t have proper job to earn money. The people who were working on daily wages, don’t have proper resources to have meal for one time. Their lives have completely turned upside down.
  • Slow down of economic growth- Economics of the country has paid the worst price of this virus. Due to this virus, everyday work has been slowed down in every sector. Be it Office or Factory work have stopped completely or partially everywhere. As per RBI Guidelines, GDP for upcoming year has reduced to 1.8%.
  • Unemployment- People who were working in a small sector or were doing daily wages work are now getting unemployed. Due to this catastrophe things happening in the world some small businesses are not earning profits that’s why they are getting closed.And are facing a lot of consciousness.Everybody’s job is at risk nowadays specially who were working in small factories or companies.
  • Impact on Students- Other than the employees of the company students are also facing trouble. Their studies are getting disturb. Inspite of having Zoom app (due to security, use it at your own risk) for online classes students are not getting proper exposer. And it is more difficult for the students to learn things online and to cope up with that. To sit in front of a camera and to read from Mobile phones and Laptops have some serious health consequences.
  • Losses of loved ones – Losses of the loved ones are the biggest in this tough time. This is really a serious things which is happening throughout the world and this is very saddening for us that we can’t even meet them for the last time.. We never thought that this virus can put us in this terrible situation. This is some serious thing happening all around us.

Only thing in our hand is to Stay at our Home, be safe So that  we can defeat this virus and to get the things get normal as before.

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