Misunderstanding of a Boy – Short Story

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Once a boy was going to home after taking his tuition classes when it was around 9 pm and the road is deserted.

The boy’s name is Harsh and he is very brave. The weather was also not good and heavy wind was blowing.

As he was very brave but that night, he was afraid and moving slowly to his home. Suddenly he heard that someone called him, he didn’t turn back to look, again the voice is repeated but he didn’t turn, because he thought that it was any negative power like a ghost.

But when he turned back and see there was no one. After this, he was very afraid. Suddenly a thunder occurred he shouted due to fear and started running.

In a hurry, he had taken the wrong way. After running at a mile, he stopped and saw that there was no one. After this, he kept himself calm and took the right way to go to his home.

When he reached his home, her mother smiled at him and he hugged her tightly and told the whole story that what happened to him. As he was only 14 years old, he was very scared.

Suddenly the bell rang and when his mother opened the door there was his father who had come to spend his vacation with them after log service in Army.

Harsh was very happy and he hugged him tightly because he was seeing his father after 6 months. Then his father told him that he called him on the road but he didn’t turn and then due to an important call he goes to the left side of the street.

After all this mess Harsh was very happy as there was no ghost. And then the whole family had their supper and played late night games.

Author: Aanchal Singh, aanchal8508 at gmail.com

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