What Sainthood means to the Younger Generations

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Happiness in Hinduism

This happened today morning.

I sat on sofa leisurely. A hot cup of tea placed on table was pleasing to have my touch in sunny morning to drive out my laziness.

All of a sudden, my cousin, my craziest and loveliest phone addict just passed before me striding hardly on the floor. It seemed as if she was trying to catch my attention.

“Strange…why would she ? I mean she usually gets too busy on her brand new Realme gifted by my uncle after many requests(including from my side too)”. While thoughts flew through my mind, something unusual happened…

When she politely asked me to pass the paper section that was laid by me after reading. This must be my imagination I thought.

“She…she mustn’t be her”, I consoled myself. ”There’s no phone in her hand. In fact, it’s the first time ever I’m seeing her without it. Did she change herself ? What made her resistant to her phone?

Corona do not affect phones. Come on finally what can’t be done by me & my uncle is finally done by herself” I sufficed my mind.

She started politely.. “I wish to lead a life of sanyasi… I want to be a SANYASINI”, she said firmly.

“WHAT?” I was freaked out . “What decision have you made my little one?”. Thoughts preoccupied my mind.. “She will be living in forest not in home anymore… no bonds nothing.

She’ll forget her parents and especially ME. Why dear? What on earth impelled you to take that decision?” I cried. She bore a clever grin as if she meant some other thing & fooled me.

“Chill… You misunderstood my concept of Sainthood”, she said. “I have decided to take up sainthood not to untie the worldly bonds but to break up bond with my phone. I have realized how badly my addiction was”, she exclaimed.

She killed me with her strange looks for me understanding the word the way it is. “What the hell! I don’t even know whether to cry or be happy. Oh God! What sainthood means to the younger generations is not leaving everything and settling in forest doing penance but a seemingly great sacrifice of their intention to touch a cell phone in an era of addiction!”

Whatsoever, change is inevitable & it happens for good I believe. Hope that her SAINTHOOD lasts for long 

Author: Chandana Juttu theipocmwanderer at gmail.com

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