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Little Rahul was playing with his friends in the park when he fell down. His head hit a sharp stone. There was pandemonium as blood flowed profusely from a deep gash on his forehead. Fortunately, his mother Seema was present in the park. Other adults and children came running to help and Rahul was rushed to the nearby clinic. As luck would have it, this . was a posh, super-speciality clinic run by the highly qualified Dr. Mohan.

He promptly attended to the boy and expertly stitched up the gaping wound. Antibiotics and painkillers were given. At the end, Seema enquired, “Doctor, your fees…?” Dr. Mohan replied, “Six hundred and fifty rupees – fifty rupees for consultation and six hundred rupees for the six stitches!”

“Oh!” said Seema as if she got a shock. “I’m deeply grateful for one thing, Doctor…” she paused. “Yes?” asked the doctor, expecting a further declaration of gratitude for his quick medical care. “I’m thankful,” went on Seema, “that you are not my tailor!”

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