The Day With The Ice-cream Seller

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Rohit. He was very fond of eating ice-creams. One day, after the school , he went to the nearby shop to buy an ice-cream. He got very sad on seeing the shop closed. He looked around and saw the shopkeeper boarding a rickshaw.

He stopped him and asked the reason for closing the shop too early. He replied that his one year old son and his wife were seriously ill and he was going to take care of them. He also said that he will not return until both of them will be fine. The boy became very sad because on that day, he had forcefully brought the money form her mother. He thought that the shopkeeper’s home was nearby as he’s boarding a rickshaw.

So he decided to his home and request for an ice-cream. In that case, he will not be able to refuse him. He expected to be back in time to board the school van for return trip to his home. He followed the shopkeeper to his home. But as soon he neared the house of the ice-cream seller, he felt that it was too late and his van would be about to leave from his school. He decided to go back to his school but soon realized that he had forgotten the way.

He sat under a tree and started crying. The shopkeeper saw the boy and asked him the reason for crying. The boy told him the whole story. On the other side , the van driver on not finding the boy after a thorough search left the school. He reached Rohit’s stop where his mother had come to pick him up.

The driver told Rohit’s mother that he searched a lot for him but didn’t find him anywhere. Rohit’s mother got shocked. She immediately went home and told Rohit’s father about the incident. After a few minutes, they both went out to search him. They reached the school and searched everywhere but couldn’t trace him.

Rohit’s mother knew the shop from which Rohit used to take ice-creams. On seeing the shop closed, they asked the people who were there, but none of them had any information. “The child in the school uniform with a red bag and a bottle” a voice whispered from the back. Rohit’s father and mother looked back as they saw a tall dark man in his late twenties. “Yes”, they both said, “Do you know something about him?”.

The man said that he saw the boy an hour before. The boy after seeing the shop closed looked around and spotted the shopkeeper. Then a short discussion followed them and then the boy began to follow the shopkeeper.” “And where is the shopkeeper gone” asked Rohit’s father. The man was unable to answer the question. On the other side, the shopkeeper led the boy to his home. He offered an ice-cream, but he boy refused.

The shopkeeper asked him his name. “Rohit”, the boy murmured. The shopkeeper asked him several questions. The boy answered the queries in a chocked voice. The shopkeeper fed him with some food and gave him a glass of water and asked the boy the reason of being sad. Suddenly, the boy started crying and said that he was missing his parents.

After a few minutes, the shopkeeper made arrangements to send him back. He came to him and said, “Finish your food quickly, then I shall drop you home.” A smile lit up the boy’s face. After sometime, they boarded a rickshaw and went to the shop. The boy was extremely happy to see his parents waiting for him there.

He jumped out off the rickshaw and hugged his parents. He told them the whole story. He also apologized and promised not to repeat the mistake. His parents thanked the shopkeeper and headed back to their home.

MORAL:- We should never force ourselves to go against our parents decision as this can lead to aberration.

Author : Swaroop      |     City : New Delhi     |     Age : 15

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