The Past, The Present and The Pain

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Once upon a time, there lived a billionaire who suffered with an abysmal, constant pain in his right leg since his 13th birthday. That poor fellow is none other than I.

 The pain was so excruciating that I was not even able to walk; I had to use a wheelchair. I went to many doctors, took appointments with the world’s best specialists. Nothing helped. Nobody was able to find the cause.

    Once, during a vacation in Australia, a doctor friend recommended a German psychologist who has solved such cases. His name was Dr Carl.

      I took an appointment and went to meet him. He asked me to have a seat and tell him about my problem. I narrated my ordeal of how I have been suffering from the mysterious pain in my leg.

Then, the doctor asked, “Tell me something about you. Did you ever meet with an accident?”

“No, I never met with an accident,” I replied.

“Okay, what about your dreams then? Tell me something about them.” 

“Hmm… dreams, hmm… Oh! Yes, nowadays… by the way, every day, I have these strange dreams.” 

“Now that’s a very important point. What happens in your dream?” Dr Carl asked.

“I see a person, a bearded person who looked like a highway robber. He was on a horse. He also had sword dangling from his robe. He looked fierce and dangerous.  Then I see a police officer with a gun, chasing the robber! But before I can see what happens next, I always wake up at this point.”

“I think I know what it is! It’s all about your past life,” Dr Carl said.

He continues, “The reason for this pain is hidden in your past.  I’ll use ‘Past Life Regression’ on you and try to solve the mystery. I will hypnotise you and visit your past life. This is the only way I see to solve this case.” I took my time, thought for a while and agreed to his plan.

 He asked me to relax myself and sleep. I just don’t remember what happened next.  I was in my ‘WONDERLAND’. When I got up, Dr Carl told me that he has solved the mystery. He told me, “When you were unconscious, you told me everything about your past life.  In your past life, you were a dacoit. Your name was Rambo who used to loot homes with the help of his 40 thieves. But after looting people for many years, Rambo had become rich and his 40 thieves betrayed him. They gave all the information about their chief to the police. And then, one day, Inspector Roy tracks the location of the dacoit. Rambo sees the police officer heading towards him. He is frightened. He breaks into a run. In a hurry, he forgets to take his gun with him. Inspector Roy runs after him. The dacoit is running for his life and the officer is after him. After a long run, Inspector Roy points his gun at Rambo and shoots a bullet at his right leg. Rambo falls down. He cries in pain and pleads with the officer to spare his life, but a merciless Inspector Roy does not pay heed to his cries and leaves the dacoit to die a painful death. Thus, the bullet from his leg was never taken out and this is what is causing you pain even in this life. Don’t you have a spot on your leg which can establish my claims.

  Then I ran my fingers on my right leg and there I found a spot which exactly looked like a bullet hole. A smile broke out on the doctor’s face. Both he and I were happy to know the cause behind the pain. Further, I asked him whether there was a cure for it or not. He sighed and said, “No, There is no way out to cure this pain as medicines didn’t effect it.  I am so sorry.” I pleaded with him and said, “Doctor, please find a solution to this problem. I am ready to pay you as much as you want. Money is not a problem.”

 After pleading much, he said, “Okay, I have just got an idea. My friend is a scientist and he has been working to invent ‘A TIME MACHINE’ for three years now. If he has successfully created it by now, then I think we would be able to take a step further to find a cure to this pain.”

 We went to meet his friend, Dr Albert in his research center in Sydney.

The Doctors greeted each other with a warm handshake. I told Dr Albert about my problem. And surprisingly, he was happy to hear about it as he had not yet tested his newly invented time machine. So, we all stepped  into his time machine and Dr Albert took us to the time and place where  Inspector Roy was about to shoot the dacoit, Rambo on his leg but before he could do that we reached there and pushed the dacoit out of the way and the bullet missed its target. We quickly took him on our time machine to a safer place, hence, saved him. He thanked us and promised us not to loot the people again.

By the time we reached the research centre in the present time, the pain in my leg had gone, it just vanished. I was so happy that I reached to my cheque book determined to thank the doctor and the scientist. What a relief! The mystery was finally solved.

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  1. Enlightening story about the past life. Since, I am associated with a spiritual organisation namely The art of living foundation, they provide a course called eternity process, which enables one through meditation, to go into their past life and recall the events. Also, one can speak the language they were associated with.

  2. Lovely story. What a yarn! Yet the writer kept it real all the time. I stayed riveted till the end.

    Hope to read more stories from the Jishnu Ukil.

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