Good Brinjal! Bad Brinjal!

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Once upon a time there was a King Sabal. He entertained a number of guests who were in the habit of presenting him with an interesting array of gifts.

One day, a visitor from the state of Bengal presented the King Sabal with an interesting vegetable. The King Sabal had never seen or tasted this vegetable before. It was called a brinjal. The chef was soon instructed to make a dish using the brinjal. The cook stuffed it with the most exotic spices and served it to the King Sabal. He was so impressed with the dish that he was all praise for the new vegetable.

In an effort to know more about brinjals, the King Sabal summoned his minister and asked him to bring the vegetable. The happy King Sabal took the brinjal into his hands and began admiring it by saying, “See, God has imparted such a great taste to this. Is there any other vegetable in the world that tastes this good?” he asked.

“Not at all my dear King Sabal. This is the King of all vegetables! That’s why God has crowned it and nailed it on the head” said the minister.

Even before the minister could complete his sentence, a thorn from the stalk of the brinjal pricked the King Sabal’s fingers.

The King Sabal, got up abruptly as if bitten by a scorpion, threw the brinjal and said, “Minister, the King of vegetables is indeed nasty. See how its thorn has pricked my fingers!”

The minister said, “Yes King Sabal, it is a nasty vegetable. That’s why God placed a stalk on its head and nailed it. Please note that this nail cannot be removed”. Saying this, the minister removed the brinjal’s stalk and showed it to the King Sabal.

“From now on, don’t allow this unpleasant vegetable to be cooked in the royal kitchen” said the King Sabal and left in a huff!

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