The Scholar

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Once upon a time there was a scholar in a town, who was also an expert on many subjects. He was famous for his intelligence and knowledge. Alas, he was also proud of his wisdom. Nobody dared to argue with him. The town folk treated him with respect. In fact, they revered him so much that nobody had the courage to sit next to him. It was customary for the scholar to sit on a chair while everyone else sat on the floor.

One day, during one of his discourses, the scholar was seated on a sofa. A beggar came and sat next to him on the same sofa. The scholar was enraged to see the disrespectful beggar. No one had ever dared to sit next to him and he was furious to see this happen now.

“You idiot, what is the difference between you and an animal?” shouted the scholar.

The beggar immediately measured the distance between him and the scholar and replied, “Sir, the distance between me and an animal is just half a yard”.

The scholar was dumbfounded by the beggar’s retort.

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