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Deforestation is something which is related to the cut down of the trees in the forest. Deforestation is always a warning to our environment and to the human life also. But still now some humans are doing the same thing they are engaging them in cutting the trees in a large number.

The meaning of the word ” Deforestation ” is the process of reducing the forest. Deforestation can cause imbalance in the environment. Nowadays people are commercial for that reason they want more and more money. This greediness towards money leads them to cut the forest more. They don’t think twice about the degradation of the environment and about the nature.

One of the most important reason of deforestation is that people want to expand their land areas as much as they can, for this reason people are indulging to cut the trees and this land area is needed for setting up new industries. Deforestation is happening for making building, houses, furniture and logging. 

So, now we should discuss about what are the causes of deforestation

1. We all know that India is a country with high population and because of that all the people want houses, furniture and this leads to deforestation. 

2. Apart from that human wants table, chair bench, pencil, fuel— that also leads to deforestation. 

3. We need the land for farming and to grow crops. 

4. Paper is the most important thing for education purpose. As paper is made out of the wood, we need paper for reading and writing etc. and this leads to more deforestation. 

5. Forest fire is also a vital point. We lose every year large quantities of forest because of this forest fire. This happens due to extreme summer or winter.

 Now, let discuss about the solution of the deforestation

1. The best way to stop deforestation is to grow plant more and more. 

2. We should take important step on cutting of the trees. 

3.we should use recycling products that will help in reduce the deforestation. 

4.we should make awareness about the important role of trees in our day to day life. 

5. We should take a positive step where people cut the forest. 

6.Furthermore, people should grow small plants in their houses. That will help the environment to gain its previous place. 

7.At last, the government should take strict actions against people. Especially those who are illegally cutting down trees.

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