LOVE – The Highest Gesture

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As we are all aware, the COVID19 scare has hit all countries across the globe alike. The only emotions that people are experiencing now are that of fear, anxiety, stress, depression and uncertainty. However, it would surely help if each one of us realizes that these negative feelings will not take us too far.

Hence, the best way out is to try to feel good and happy about the fact that we are still alive in this beautiful world. Prayers and spiritual inclination will also work in your interest. However, the easiest thing to do is to fill yourself up with the emotion of “LOVE”. You need to try to feel love for every single thing and person around you. Most importantly, you need to feel love for yourself. Nevertheless, what exactly is Love? Let us understand LOVE through a nice and touching poem.


Love is a deep and intense feeling,

To be surrounded by love is God’s most beautiful blessing,

Make efforts to find love within,

These actions will help you to spread love across the planet.

Happiness and Harmony are true synonyms for Love,

This is that one emotion, before which all of us bow,

Love brings with it warmth, togetherness and peace,

All this and more, you should certainly avoid giving a miss.

Do not rely on external elements to make way for love,

Because it is Love that resides within our hearts and souls,

Let everything in and around you change,

But always remember to not allow love to fade.

Repeat the chants of “I am Love”,

Make this a routine and keep aside all whens and how’s?,

As time passes, you will notice a positive transition in your life,

As worries, sorrows and sadness get quickly cut out by the love knife.

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